VENPOWER SDN BHD was established in 2013 which operates vending businesses in Malaysia with the objective of providing convenience and privilege to our customers.
Over the past, we started out this vending business with our reliability and high quality machines and our current customer ranges are 24 hours self-service shops which are still expanding fast.
We design vending program that suits the needs of your segmentations, our success in the vending field boils down to flexible programs and friendly personalized.
It is our goal to be the best customer service company in the vending business. We fully service all of our vending machines. This means we manage every conceivable facet for your vending needs. You can rely on our after sales service provided by our efficient and professional team worker.
Our mission is to provide quality vending machines and reliable support. We strive to provide the highest level of quality and services at competitive prices.
From Installation to Maintenance

From schools to hospitals to shopping malls, our team of technical experts will be able to assist you to setup your vending machines without hassle. We take up the responsibility to ensure your vending machines are properly installed, and well maintained, to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted day to day operations.


Depending on your business requirements, our team of professional consultants will be able to provide you the best advice on how to operate your vending machine business with maximum efficiency. We ensure that the snacks and beverage brand selection will provide greatest impact to the patrons of the installed locations. We also work with our customers on regular and irregular stocking periods, as well as providing reports to them on what are the recommended items to be restocked.

FREE Service

All vending machine services we provide to our customers are FREE. From installation to regular maintenance, we do not charge for any service fees. We ensure that your machines will operate with maximum uptime.